This new version will include new creatures to interact and different consequences in the zone depending of which decisions you made. Also have a new disc that start show the history of the place in projections.

Here is the discord server link:


V 0.02- V 0.03
-New zone with new creatures, puzzles and different interac

-A new lightdisk is added that will start show the history of this place
-Find generators competition still on, altough some people found one of them only who find both will have the special role and credit.
-Darkness monster will be more aggresive with no light.
-Reduced slightly plants duration(Was possible stack a lot of plants, wasnt really an issue but looked stupid)

Bug fixes and improvements
-Changed entrace background cause didnt have sense with lore. Before you could see the exterior but you shouldnt cause this is supossed to be sealed 
-Now is possible control the menus using the directional arrows and E.
-Something that I still dont understand how worked now have reason to work.
-Some colliders were upgraded and added.(Probably all patch notes will have this)
-Some minor sound adjustements

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the game. Any feedback will be appreciated


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Apr 12, 2018

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